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Working in a busy service it is important for us to take time out of the office together to do something unrelated.

It helps us bond with newer colleagues and refresh our relationships.

We were all excited to have the opportunity to be with trustees and to make chocolates!

People got very involved in the creative process and really enjoyed themselves.

“The chocolates you made parallel the Interpreting Services – a job done with passion, outstanding results, happy consumers!”

“It was really nice to be out of the office as a team, and I really had a fun time”.

“I enjoyed the chocolate workshop very much, it was a brilliant idea and people made some creative chocolates!”

“I think the immersive and fiddly nature of the chocolate making was so good just to focus away from the stress of the office, even just for a few hours. We all work with people and real life problems that can be stressful- while conversely the chocolate experience was great fun. I also think the challenging nature (I can only speak for myself!) and group nature of the activity was therapeutic and a great thing to do together”.

“I am a bit of a ‘non connoisseur’ where chocolate is concerned and  happy with a bar of Cadbury’s, but have to say in spite of not being a mad chocolate fan – I really enjoyed last Thursday and getting our creative juices going”.

“The chocolate making course was an engaging mix of information, practical and fun.  It gave us an opportunity to build on existing relationships with colleagues and trustees as well as to welcome Edyta to the team.  Although we made our chocolates individually there was lots of interaction as we shared ingredients and ducked and dived to get the ganache from the pot to our work station”.

Our thanks to Holly Caulfield from Chocoholly for imparting her knowledge with such fun!

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